There Will Never Be “More Time”

Wow, Doreen Virtue has been a very inspiring figure for me lately!

I actually got to meet this lovely woman on Friday after a certification class that I took (I can do Oracle Card readings now…go me!). She smiled when she heard my name (Angel) and said that my name fits my destiny.

Anyhoo, today she spoke to a much bigger group of us during the evening keynote of the I Can Do It! Tour’s San Jose stop. If you saw last week’s entry, you know that she inspired it. Well, she inspired this one as well.

She told the audience that she had once met a man in his 80’s who said that he wanted to write a book. She asked the most logical question for that comment: “So why haven’t you?”

His answer: “I don’t have the time.” Mind you, he meant that he doesn’t have enough free time.

Doreen then said politely informed us that there is never “enough time.” People say that they will write when they are retired, or during a vacation, or…or…the list goes on. The problem with that concept is that it sets you up to always put the goal in the future instead of the present, and goals in the future are easy to put off. She added that she wrote her first few books in 30 minute time pockets, and a lot of the time she still does this today. Every now and then, she gets an hour. Despite constant speaking engagements, hosting a weekly radio show, touring the world, and cranking out at least four more Oracle Card decks this year, she still finds time to write.

Take a good look at your daily routine. There are pockets of time in there where you can write, it is just a matter of finding them…and actually using them. If Doreen Virtue can find time, I know the rest of us can.


PS- Yes, this blog entry is a little shorter, but the I Can Do It conference is going on, so I am happily focused on that this weekend. 🙂

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