That number you see in the title? Fifteen?

That’s how many stories are on my computer right now.

These are just the fifteen I have been working on within the past year. There were about twelve to fifteen more that were on my previous computer, my iBook. When a deadly bug started to single-handedly wipe out my hard drive in November 2010 (right during Nanowrimo!), I was only able to save four stories from its wrath. When the smoke cleared, my computer was completely blank. So, if it wasn’t for the Bug From Hell, that number would have been closer to 30.

I don’t have a set genre yet. The stories I write range from spy thrillers (BLAQUE), to science fiction (Ice World: Exodus), to fantasy (The Forbidden Children series). There are even a couple of “chick-lit” pieces in there (Lilly Pines; Unusual You; The Sunset series) and yes, fan fiction of various genes (Zak and Mariel; The Guardian; Falsetta’s Direction). And no, that last title was not a typo.

I like it this way. It is like having an ice cream shop of stories to scoop, dress up with add-ins, and one day hopefully sell. Let’s be honest, though: for many of those I listed, the title is all any of you will ever see of that story.

I’m curious. How many stories do you have on file or in files?


P.S- I feel like I’ve been rambling for the past few posts, but there is a LOT going on in my world right now. Charge it to my head.

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