Got Passion?

Inspired by this interview

Zak Bagans is a bit of a polarizing figure. People seem to either love him or hate him for various reasons. Some of you are probably looking at this entry, scratching your head and saying “What’s a Zak Bagans?”

I read the above interview this evening after work. Now, a lot of people do not believe in the spirit world. I personally do because I have experienced it for myself in the past and continue to now. The ones who don’t believe tend to look at what Zak and others like him do and jeer. They excuse all such encounters as being fake, the shows as being fake, etc. That’s not the real point of this entry, though.

What inspired this entry was the level of passion I could practically hear in the transcribed interview Zak did with the writer. You cannot fake that. He lives and breathes what he does. It’s in every fiber of his being. I could almost hear him getting excited at just the thought of being able to explore the pyramids in Egypt or the ruins of the Mayans. I could definitely hear him rambling about his own beliefs, a type of rambling that only comes when one’s thoughts flow faster than their mouth because they are that excited.

If he’s faking that, he needs an Oscar.

My fellow writers, this is how we should feel about our craft. I have had nights where I was awakened at 3 in the morning by a character or a scene that HAD to be written down before morning. I have had moments of audio recording an idea, a snatch of dialogue, or even an entire scene in my car because I didn’t have time to pull over and write it. I have had times where I had to censor my excitement about whatever story I was working on because, even though my boss just reminded me of it by saying a random word, I couldn’t say anything during a staff meeting without looking like a loon. I have seen the slow emergence of a blank expression when I try to explain my passion for writing to someone who doesn’t write (or better yet, hates writing).

But you know what? I have also heard numerous people tell me that they wish they had something to be as passionate about as I am with writing.

Living is passion. Passion is living. Do not ever lose your passion.

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