The Trouble With Endings

So I FINALLY wrote the ending to BLAQUE. I already knew the book’s ending. Heck, I know the ending to the entire series.

(By the way, it’s a little weird to write about characters that you know won’t make it to the  last page of the last book, or even the last page of the first book. Very surreal.)

The middle used to be my tough spot. I didn’t know how to fill that lovely void, and it took me breaking down and planning to finally get over that huge hump. I like to plan everything in my lovely existence except my stories. For BLAQUE, I had to plan. By the very definition of the genre it is in, the novel needs an outline. The middle suddenly didn’t seem as scary once I had a road map.

The ending is another matter. If you are writing a series, which is what this is, then you have to strike a delicate balance in the ending. You have to give a clear wrap-up to the current book, but still leave a few enticing strings hanging to keep readers interested in the next book. Go too far in either direction, and your ending will be lacking. We all know how devastating a bad ending can be to a reader, because we are readers ourselves. I refuse to subject my readers to that feeling of betrayal.

I’m still not sure if the ending is exactly what I want. I may change the tone a bit. For now, it has accomplished what it was supposed to; it wrapped up the action of Book One and included a nice foreshadowing of the danger in the next book.

To me, it’s a solid ending.

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