NaNoWriMo Lesson: When The MC Said “Ah, No”

That phrase in the title is in reference to a child I know who has that as his trademark slogan.

Last night, my main character (who I felt was plotting to overthrow me for awhile now) finally gave me a big “screw you” and cheated on her long-time boyfriend…with his main competition. It was a brilliant bit of writing compared to what I have been writing so far, but it unnerved me that her and her boyfriend’s “great love” could be so easily shattered. In fact, it bothered me so much that I called my screenwriter BFF in Los Angeles to hash it out.

I will spare you the entire dialogue about my personal views on love, but my friend helped me realize that I was trying to put Mysty with the character that was most “logical” for her, when she actually had more compassion for two other characters. This novel that I am working on now, the third and final in the BLAQUE series, has shown just how much her and her initial boyfriend do not match. It has made me question that entire subplot.

This is both scary and exciting. I may have to go back through and rewrite several chapters in all three books, but it will lead to a more natural-sounding relationship, and that is always good.

Those edits are for next year, though. Onward with Nanowrimo!

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