Multi-tasking Can be Good…Sometimes

I learned about two years ago that multi-tasking was not a strong point of mine, at least not when it came to desk jobs and jobs involving more than 50 clients.In those two years I think I lost more brain cells from anxiety than I would’ve if I spent those 24 months on meth.

Writing is a completely different story altogether (no pun intended).

Right now, I have three main stories that I am working on. One, BLAQUE, is complete and going through what I hope will be final revisions and editing. The second, a current events/sports-based piece that may get featured on this blog, has 30 pages and everything plotted out except the end. The third, a possible vampire prequel to my first born “baby” (Forbidden Children), barely has 15 pages down and has no real plot yet.

All three are in various stages of completion, all three are near and dear to my heart, and all three have my attention right now.

If you really plan to have an actual writing career, this should be your everyday writing status. Writers write. When I took a much needed rest from BLAQUE, I immediately jumped into another idea and started playing with it. Later, the vampire prequel popped up and demanded some attention. Even though my main project is on hiatus, I kept writing. Even if I have a day where I don’t write (and if I do, chances are I’m sick or really tired), I am reviewing and researching. Even if I’m just doing a sketch of a character or creating a playlist on iTunes for a story, something writing-related is going on.

This is the only area of my life where I like to juggle numerous balls in the air. I love my day job, but I can only handle one child at a time. I can only handle one family crisis at a time. With writing, though, the more the merrier.

What do you think? Are you a multi-story writer or a one-story man/woman?

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