Relax, It’s Just Fan Fiction…

I’ve noticed that there are some writers who have a serious problem with fan fiction. I have no idea why. They jump on fan fic writers because they “can’t create their own characters,” or because they think the writing is horrible.

I’ve got news for you: I’ve seen some fan fiction that actually sounds better than some published books. I honestly see nothing wrong with fan fiction; it’s a way to hone your writing skills, experiment with characterization, and give your own spin on something you love. Granted, some of the ideas can be a bit…um…out there…but they are still ideas.

I started thinking about this because I got an idea a couple of hours ago that can only be called fan fiction because it involves a band who would make for an interesting set of vampires. The story that fleshed out from it actually sounds pretty good. Twisted, but good. If it goes anywhere past the plotting stages, I may post a bit of it and see what others think of it.

My earliest writings were fan fiction, and while I have the most fun creating brand new characters and plots, sometimes writing a quick fan fic helps me focus and stop stressing so much on my current WIP.

This new idea may help with that quite nicely.

By the way, I’m curious: has anyone seen some REALLY strange fan fiction out there? I’ll go first: I saw one about a physical relationship between Indiana Jones and Voldemort. Yeah, strange.

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3 Responses to Relax, It’s Just Fan Fiction…

  1. Susan Sipal says:

    I know a lot of writers who have gotten their start through fan fiction. And I’ve even heard an editor say that she discovered an author she bought through her fan fiction. JK Rowling seems to cast a very tolerant eye toward her fan fiction writers, though I’ve heard she has said she doesn’t like the slash. Fan fiction is a great way to get really creative and get instant feedback. And your idea sounds intriguing! 🙂

    • angelwilson says:

      Thanks, Susan! Yeah, the HP slash fiction has the weirdest pairings. The regular fan fiction can be brilliant at times, though.
      I’m going to start messing around with this weekend idea (right now it’s just called “The Supplier” until I think up a cooler title, lol) and see if it takes flight. If it does, I’ll start posting it. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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