Jumping Off The Dive Board

After about three days of thought, I decided to try and go for something that seems almost surreal.

By now, if you’ve read at least three posts on here, you’ve probably guessed that my novel takes place in South Korea. The more I researched the country and culture for the book, the more interested I became in it. Korea is both vastly different and strangely similar to American culture, a mix that seems impossible until you see it for yourself.

That’s what I’m working on right now…seeing it for myself.

Nevermind the fact that actually going there would give me a treasure box of information to add color and realism to my novel; I want to see Korea as Mysty herself would have seen it. Knowing her, she’d be completely baffled but interested.

Going someplace foreign gives one a sense of wonder and fear; they never know exactly what to expect (regardless of how well they researched beforehand), but they welcome whatever comes their way.

I have heard mixed reviews on how foreigners are treated there (hint: race is a factor), and this got reflected in Mysty’s experiences. If I decide to go…correction, when I go…I imagine the reactions I get from Koreans will be similar to what Mysty got. This will be either amusing or unsettling.

I’m ready for both.

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