Short Post: Growth

This year has been full of changes for me, in both my personal and professional life. I’ve moved across the country, made new friends, and strengthened the bonds with my old friends.

All of this change has shown in my writing as well. I am trying a new genre, Thriller, and I am exploring a culture (Korean) that I never really thought about prior to this year.

I have always read tons of writing books, but this is the first story where I am putting all of that into practice. I have also noticed a certain level of maturity with my writing this year, as if the writing itself has stepped up to another level. 

This is a sign of growth. It may not be in the form of structure, plotting, or grammar, but writers at some point will see some kind of change in their writing as their own lives move to another level. No matter how much you try to divide the two, your real world will always seep into your fictional world in some way. It may be by way of a character, setting, or quote. It may also be by a sudden improvement or shift in writing style. If you see it, smile.

You are growing as a writer.

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