He Left My Character On The Road…

Last night I was having one of those great writing moments where I was just sitting back and writing out whatever the characters in BLAQUE wanted to do, hoping it fit with the story.

Then something weird happened.

Before I knew it, my main character had been left on the side of the road by another important character, leaving both me on the MC wondering what the hell just happened. I paused and asked myself if that was something that the offending character would do in that situation. The answer, at least for this early part of the plot, was a definite yes.

This is what happens when you know your characters inside and out: they start doing what comes natural to them without the writer even realizing it. It was in the character’s nature to get pissed when the MC explained that a major screw up had occurred. He responded by removing the problem, immediately. This is a trait that he shows often in the story. Likewise, Mysty (the MC) shows her traits by initially refusing help when another character tries to retrieve her.

This is a pleasant surprise I think writers love to have, to write something and not even realize how telling the scene really is until later. That one rather unusual scene that seemed to emerge from nowhere told quite a bit, and I didn’t plan it at all. It just happened.

Next time you are writing and your characters suddenly go off the planned path, follow them for a little while before you try to pull them back. They may lead you into a bog, but they just might bring you to a rose garden.

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