Head In The Clouds

I wanted a blog just for writing, and I wanted it to reflect my typical state of being.

I am definitely a daydreamer. I love public transportation trips because I get to stare out the window and think about my latest writing idea.

Clouds are a lot like my writing thoughts, actually. Sometimes they are wispy and shoot across my brain before I can even catch them. Other times, they bubble and boil into storms of ideas that must come out as a downpour. Then there are the pure, white, fluffy ones that twist and contort into strange shapes that I didn’t even know existed. I like all of these types of clouds, because they produce different types of writing.

So, this blog will be about my times in the clouds, the works that they form, and the lessons I learn from them.

My mind is the sky, and the clouds are the bits of imagination that sweep across it.

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